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The World Premiere of my Symphonic Tone Poem CORAL SYMPHONY  Kumulipo Reflections with Hawai´i Symphony Orchestra conducted by Grammy award winning JoAnn Falletta in their Masterworks Series in Honolulu on April 1st & 2nd 2017 was a great success that received standing ovations at both performances.


The Kumulipo Creation Epic has relevance for inspiring better Biosphere Stewardship globally and resonates with many other Creation legends throughout the World.

The Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections has also gained appreciation and gratitude among Native Hawaiians as a symbol of reconciliation and restitution, as their sacred ecological creation chant Kumulipo is presented and uplifted in soloist position with a prestigious Symphony Orchestra to an entirely new audience.


World class Nature photography courtesy of AZOTE will be projected during the performance.

There will also be supporting scientific community events hosted by
Conservation International, Kewalo Marine Laboratory and University of Hawai´i at Manoa.

Background information:

My intention as a composer is to create music that can inspire audiences to strengthen their commitment to environmental stewardship and also be symbols of understanding and reconciliation between cultures.
When Narissa Spies, a native Hawaiian doctorate student at Kewalo Marine Laboratory introduced me to Hawaiian Oli and the poetic beauty of the Hawaiian Creation Chant Kumulipo, it inspired me to conceive a Tone Poem as a Symphonic reflection. As a devoted environmentalist I love that the Kumulipo illustrates humanity ́s intimate relationship with every living creature and plant as our beloved ancestors and that Hawaiians regard the Coral Polyp as the most basic unit of Life.
In order to proceed in harmony with Hawaiian Culture, I seeked the mentorship of Maestro Aaron Mahi, former conductor of the Royal Hawaiian Band, the Honolulu Symphony and a Cultural Specialist.
This fruitful collaboration evolved so that Aaron Mahi will be performing the Kumulipo Chant Ka Wa Akahi as the Hawai ́i Symphony Orchestra reflects and embraces the Creation Epic from a Westerners perspective.
Sacred Hawaiian Pahu drums made of sharkskin sets a ceremonial rhythm that evokes the spirits of ancient Hawai ́i as the evolution of species grows exponentially into a mighty Celebration of Life.
The Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections is mirroring the architecture of the first Creation Chant: Prologue to the Night World, first Kane & Wahine, Coral Fugue,
Procession of Invertebrates, Ritornell of Guardians, God of Abundance.
My deepest gratitude to Maestro Aaron Mahi and Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra for their goodwill towards the creation and premiere of Kumulipo Reflections and to the Swedish Anders Wall Foundation, Stockholm Resilience
Center www.stockholmresilience.org and Alba Eco www.albaeco.se who are supporting this collaboration as they see Music, not just as a pleasant luxury for the ears, but as an integral part of the process of communicating Science and environmental awareness.
Mahalo nui loa,
Anders Paulsson
Artistic Director
kaHaloa o ke ‘a ko’a ko’a

=The long breath of the Coral * Parent to care for the Reef www.anderspaulsson.com
First impressions:
What I have thus heard and seen in the score, I can totally comprehend the leading source of your heart and spirit as the guidance of the aumakua leads you. It is indeed communicating the pauku/verses of the message of the Kumulipo, yes, E hoomau/continue please. Na Akua, na aumakua, na kini Akua are near us both here and in and around you, papahanaumokunuiakea will rejoice with harmony in concert with all of the other reefs or apapa throughout ka papahanaumoku joined together being connected by ke Kaimoana a kanaloa. Me ke aloha my brother. Ke kuaana, Aaron Mahi
Wow, what an amazing journey! I’m so pleased that I was able to meet you, and that you were able to learn about my culture. I’m so excited to be able to be part involved in this process. The little bit of your mele that I was able to hear in the video made my na’au so happy! I’m really looking forward to hearing the final product! I feel nothing but positive vibes from this! I think our kupuna are very proud of this and I can’t wait to share it with my native Hawaiian mentors. Mahalo for taking the time to really learn about our culture, and mahalo for integrating those oli into your daily life! Me Ka ha‘aha‘a, Narissa Spies