Anders Paulsson – Press Clips


“Arguably the best soprano saxophonist on the planet”
– Dave Koz, SiriusXM Radio Show

“The world-leading classical soprano saxophonist”
– The Observer, UK

“An utterly convincing performance with a stunning precision and presence.”
– Göteborgs Posten, SE

“Anders Paulsson, for whom Kalevi Aho wrote the Soprano Saxophone concerto, plays with a fabulous tone and a technique that also makes the most infernal tricks seem completely self-evident.”
– Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland

“Anders Paulsson has developed Soprano Saxophone playing to an unprecedented, sensational top level!”

– Kalevi Aho, Finnish Composer

“Anders Paulsson performance at the Berliner Philharmonie was soulfully inspired, brilliant and delightful”

– Deutsche Welle, DE

“The great Kalevi Aho Concerto is devoted to Anders Paulsson, whose delicate, ECM-style interpretation style has guided it. Paulsson is loaded with all the necessary intensity and he carries the melodies gloriously.”
– Yle Klassinen, Finland

“Swedish Concertos for Soprano Saxophone is a splendid recording – a real high”

– Gramophone, UK

“Starkast lyser solostämman i Anders Eliassons saxofonkonsert; likt ljusstrimmor som leker mot en nattsvart väv”
– Dagens Nyheter, SE

“The challenges for the soloist in Kalevi Aho’s concerto are numerous and highly difficult but Swede Anders Paulsson- one of the world’s most renowned saxophonists –surpassed all expectations -setting the standard of saxophone playing even higher.”

– Lapin Kansa, Finland

“Goodness, I haven’t heard such accomplished, sure-footed playing since Branford Marsalis in American Spectrum”
– Musicweb International

“Anders Paulsson is flawless”

“Anders Paulsson evince admirable musicianship”
– Gramophone – The World´s Best Classical Music Reviews

“The most beautiful soprano sax playing I’ve ever heard! A golden warm timbre in an enormous range!”

– Upsala Nya Tidning, SE

“Anders Paulsson was the star of the evening in the Berliner Philharmonie”
– Neues Deutschland, DE

“Anders Paulsson is a first-class master of his instrument whose free roaming interpretation and controlled sound delights the listener.”
– Kymen Sanomat, Finland

“Paulsson’s Bach-playing was like a miracle. The audience went wild.”
– Vakka-Suomen Sanomat, Finland

“Es folgt die “Celebration Suite” des schwedischen Komponisten Anders Paulsson ‐ eine Hommage an den Freiheitskampf der Anti‐Apartheid‐Bewegung. Afrikanisches Volkslied trifft auf Jazz‐Riffs. Protestlied verbindet sich mit feierlicher Musik. Der 52‐jährige Komponist steht mit seinem Sopransaxophon vor den auf der Stuhlkante sitzenden Musikern und spielt seine in die Partitur eingearbeiteten Soli. Beseelt. Brillant. Beglückend.”
– Deutsche Welle, DE

“The Swedish guest saxophonist, Anders Paulsson was a brilliant Ambassador for his country. His performance and compositions were beautiful and his engagement with the orchestra wonderful enough to make you want to offer him citizenship.”
– Musaion, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

“Anders Paulsson proves as persuasive an exponent as Kelly for his instrument and he is accompanied superbly by the trio of Swedish Orchestras.”
–  Gramophone, UK

“Anders Paulssons affinity for the roots of American music shows in his sure knack for the jazz idiom and his sensitive treatment of classic American spirituals”
– American Record Guide, USA

“Thank You for Your wonderful recording of Sequenza VIIB! I hope we can meet and work together.”
– Luciano Berio, Composer, Italy

“Ich verneige mich tief vor Deinem Spiel auf höchsten Niveau, sei es überirdisch sinnlich-lyrisch oder vollkommen verrückt und virtuos und zügellos. Durch jeder einzelnen Deiner Töne schwingt die andere, die spirituelle Dimension, die Dein wahres Gesicht zeigt; das Gesicht des Meisters!”
– Peter Werlen, Dirigent, Switzerland

“Anders Paulsson är lika fenomenalt skicklig i klassiska verk som i jazz och trollbinder med sitt intensivt vackra spel.”
– Lennart Bromander, Aftonbladet, SE

“The sound of Anders Paulssons soprano saxophone has a universal beauty”
– Turun Sanomat, Finland

“Anders Paulsson made an extremely favourable impression. He conjured forth a magnificent sound from his rare instrument and played throughout with presence and brilliance.”
– Jukka Kumpulainen, Kouvolan Sanomat, Finland

“Until You have heard Anders Paulsson, You have not heard the soprano saxophone.”

– Johannes Gustavsson, conductor, SE

“The extreme virtuosity of Anders Paulsson marked everything which was dynamic and beautiful: the organic endlessness of the variation and the plentiness of the tones of the soft metal in the upper register”
– Esko Aho, Kaleva, Finland

“Anders Paulsson bjuder på ett intagande spel. Både artistiskt och som kraftprov är detta imponerande.”

– Thomas Anderberg, Dagens Nyheter, SE

“Does Anders Paulsson at all understand the meaning of the words `technically difficult´? There seems to be no limits to what he can do with his instrument. Paulsson is the King of the soprano saxophone.”
– Falukuriren, SE

“Swedish soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson traversed the music’s atmospheric voyage with extraordinary panache.”
– Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, USA

“Der Sopransaxophonist Anders Paulsson klingt einfach wunderbar und lässt den bekannteren Kollegen Jan Garbarek verblassen.”
– Johannes Schmidt, Luxemburger Wort

“At times rich and warm, at times intense and silvery with the highest notes a soprano sax can play, but always powerful and evocative…definitely an inspiring way to spend time on a Sunday afternoon.”
– The Barrie Examiner, Ontario, Canada

“Awesome artistry”
– The Independent, USA

“The most innovative sound in a decade.”
– George Butler CBS Masterworks, USA

“Anders Paulsson´s precision, his brilliance, his extraordinary skill, and his obvious love and commitment to the concerto carried it to the finish line with bravura.”
– Alexandra Ivanoff, ANDANTE music magazine, Turkey

“Vitglödande passion”
– Leif A Jansson, Jönköpings Posten, SE

“Listening to Anders Paulsson is a very intimate experience. It is not possible to tell where he ends and his instrument begins.”
– President, Miami Bach Society, USA

“Soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson’s playing was outstanding. With virtuosity and depth of feeling he produces a sound from his instrument of which any singer would be proud.”
– Trierischer Volksfreund, Germany

“Paulsson spelade solostämman med en sådan intensitet och med en sådan nerv att man fullkomligt drogs in i skeendet. Här bjuder solisten in oss med ett mycket vackert, välfraserat spel som är oemotståndligt.” 

– Hasse Östlund, Norrbottenskuriren, SE

“Anders Paulssons sopransaxofon blir en röst som sjunger över studsande pizzicato mattor och njutningsfullt rasar genom en noterad solokadens.”
– Sofia Nyblom, SvD, SE

“Nous avons goûté avec bonheur, tout au long de la soirée, la sonorité du saxophone-soprano d’Anders Paulsson, d’une sensualité spirituelle”

-Le Portail des Concerts, France

“A champion of the soprano saxophone”
– Music Journal, USA

“The combination of saxophone, organ and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is not on the face of it an enticing proposition. 

But how agreeably the soprano saxophone as played by Anders Paulsson floated through this vast and gloomy space on Sunday evening”
– New York Times, USA

“The Swedish equivalent to Wynton Marsalis / Sveriges svar på Wynton Marsalis”

– Nya Wermlands Tidningen, SE

– New York News Day, USA

“Why Paulsson is a sought after soloist worldwide becomes evident when You listen to this recording; Mythological Portraits”
– DalaDemokraten, SE

“Paulsson´s own compositions felt like logical continuations of the music of Ellington and Gershwin. Younger, with more weight and agitation yet with the same basic confidence”
– Skaraborgs Läns Allehanda, SE

“Paulsson´s languid, melancholy tone conjures up visions of water-meadows in the midnight sun – pure but ephemeral. His uncanny ability to evoke the sound of the oboe, clarinet and even an English horn on soprano sax alone is nothing short of amazing”
– Cadence, USA

“The strong moments of this concert were the very expressive saxophone solos by Anders Paulsson. 

Gifted with exceptional concentration and sensitivity he succeeded in distilling the most demanding sonorities with a natural refinement”
– Kulturspiegel, Luxembourg

“The most exciting part of the concert was Paulsson´s masterful playing of the Luciano Berio Sequenza 7. 

Charged with the most extreme virtuosity and multiphonic possibilities, the performance left the audience breathless.”
– Turun Sanomat, Finland

“In spite of incredibly good performances by the other soloists they all faded when Paulsson´s sound captured the hall”
– Kultingen, Sweden

“The most discriminating listener could conclude that we were dealing with a world class artist. Anders Paulsson has a rare musical gift and complete technical mastery of his instrument. Paulsson´s tone has the clarity, beauty and precision of a laser beam.”
– Hallands Nyheter, SE

“Swinging hard!” “Anders Paulsson has one leg in classical music and one in jazz and he succeeds in combining them to an art that is both fascinating and delightful. These are careful renditions yet without the obsequiousness that sometimes characterizes the intercourse with the great masters. It is personal music on a stable ground and as I said, it is extremely delightful.”
– NV Skånes Tidningar, SE

“Anders Paulsson is deeply committed to the global work for a more ecological society. 

The soprano saxophone is in his hands an instrument that reconnects us to the spirit of Creation and Wholeness”
– Skövde Nyheter, SE

“The soprano saxophone is in the hands of Anders Paulsson the ultimate wind instrument – like a top-trimmed racing car.” 
Södermanlands Nyheter, SE

“The genuineness of Paulsson´s music making strikes the listener as though it were musical truth. He has the talent of communicating beyond the instrument with a personality that shines”
– DalaDemokraten, SE

“Anders Paulsson´s saxophone playing comes from the depths of his soul and finds its way to the most intimate part of the listeners soul”
– Smålandsposten, SE

“Anders Paulsson´s dazzling performance made the Mozart concerto sound so authentic – as if Mozart had a special knowledge of the soprano saxophone. Anders Paulsson is a musical giant.”
– Katrineholmskuriren, SE

22 thoughts on “REVIEWS

  1. Tack för att du är den du är. Att få musicera i ditt andliga fält är ju alltid en ynnest!
    Hans Ove Olsson
    Huddinge Kyrka 28 April 2010

  2. Cher Anders,
    Bien recu ton dernier CD j´ai écouté immédiatement. Superbe!
    Et superbe à plus d´un point de vue !
    Je l´aime beaucoup, en particulier pour la réflexion que l´on sent à fleur des interprètations.
    Tu communiques avec une grande simplicité tes points de vue, ce qui leur donne une personnalité excellente, une force pénétrante portée par la beauté du son et du reste.
    Tout cela fascine par l´intelligence de la compréhension, l´intelligibilité du jeu, la sincerité de
    l´engagement. Comme la verité.
    Du grand art, cher Anders ! Bravo encore. Bravo une fois de plus, et merci.
    Merci du fond du coeur. Felicitations !

    Bien affectueusement

    Jean-Marie LONDEIX
    9, Rue de Mulhouse
    F-33000 Bordeaux

  3. Your CD is a capolavore masterpiece!
    You are doing something great for the saxophone. Please keep up the fantastic work!
    It is very important to be able to listen to such fine soprano playing. Our students were so inspired.
    It is exactly the fact that You share Your talents with others by putting them on CD that makes You a fabulous performer and an incredible teacher.
    Massimo Mazzoni, Italy

  4. Tack för en oförglömlig konsert i Engelbrekt i söndags. Det var en verklig upplevelse att höra och musicera med dig. Du är en sann världsartist. Och du är enastående som kompositör också – det var några verkliga smycken, såväl som idéer som i genomförande.

    Lycka till framöver!

    Esbjörn Eriksson
    Engelbrekts kammarkör – tenor

  5. Du är i sanning en RIKTIG musiker!
    Det är inte ofta man får uppleva sånt som vi alla fick vara med om igår.
    Vilket artisteri!

    Det fanns många höjdpunkter i går men min favorit var nog Piazzola.
    Vilken nerv!

    Som sagt var ni också telepatiskt samspelta, du och Andrew. En fröjd att höra.

    Bengt Eklund
    Dirigent Engelbrekts Kammarkör

  6. Bonjour Anders, Je te remercie beaucoup pour ton arrangement de Sometimes I feel… et je le trouve remarquable et comme toujours tu joues comme un Dieu! Je pense très souvent aux concerts qu’on a pu faire ensemble et à ces moments me reviennent tous les beaux souvenirs de nos prestations. J’espère de tout coeur que nous pouvons trouver une autre opportunité de nous revoir et de faire de la belle musique ensemble.

    Pour l’instant je te dis mes compliments et te souhaite tout ce qui a de bon.

    Gerry Welter
    Directeur Choral S:t Michel

  7. Tack Anders!
    Fick verkligen skärpa till mig för att dels inte börja gråta och dels komma ihåg att sjunga och inte bara lyssna och njuta.
    En stor ynnest att få musicera ihop.

    Marie Alexis

  8. Var på så fin konsert igår kväll i Västerås Konserthus Lilla sal med Svante Henrysson, cello och Anders Paulsson, sopransaxofon. Vilka musiker! Vilken fin hybridmusik! Dessa herrar är riktiga musikanter i ordets rätta bemärkelse tycker jag. Hatten av för dem!!!!
    Kella Naeslund

  9. There isn’t anybody better I can think of behind a Soprano saxophone …and I doubt there ever will be !!
    Kyle Ober
    KO Images
    Photo & Music Production

  10. “J´aime la pureté cristaline de ta musique !
    Elle me rappelle d´une source cachée dans une montagne !
    J´admire ton travail et tes créations musicales ! C´est la Perfection !
    Artiste & gemologue

  11. Stort grattis till skivan SWEDISH CONCERTOS FOR SOPRANO SAXOPHONE.
    Vilket fantastiskt fint arbete du gjort!

    Christer Johnsson
    Klassiska institutionen

  12. SWEDISH CONCERTOS FOR SOPRANO SAXOPHONE est un CD remarquable à plus d’un titre ! Tu es superbe et tes partenaires d´orchestres et chefs-d’orchestre sont à la hauteur ; le programme musicalement ambitieux est passionnant, de belle qualité.
    Je me réjouis de ce nouveau succès qui t’est dû.
    Bravo cher Anders ! Bravo en particulier pour tes prouesses techniques, pour les qualités, notamment de justesse, dont tu fais preuve sans jamais faillir. C’est magnifique.
    Merci de m’avoir fait connaître cette belle réalisation, de m’en rendre témoin. Je t’en suis reconnaissant. Merci encore une fois.

    Jean-Marie LONDEIX
    Professeur de Saxophone,
    Conservatoire National de Musique de Bordeaux

  13. Hanging out at home with your GORGEOUS cd playing–it was perfection. You are such a genius, my friend. The way you play–filled with so much love and joy and spirit and passion. It’s a lesson in communication for me. Bravo. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank You for letting me hear it, I love it.
    Dave Koz

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