Solitary Poems for Soprano Saxophone

Solitary Poem POSTER Nov 22
As a creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent obliteration of livelihoods for freelance musicians, this series of
SOLITARY POEMS FOR SOPRANO SAXOPHONE aims to ameliorate this situation and simultaneously support the creation of new music by leading Swedish, Norwegian, British, and American composers. This new repertoire will be a treasure when we can physically attend live performances again in our beloved concert halls around the world. This series will present a world premiere on the first day of every month until
November 1st,  2023.
Marie Samuelsson  “Piece to Anders from Marie”

Johan Hammerth “Lontano”

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist “Solitude”

Stella Sung “Soliloquy”

Andrea Tarrodi ...of days gone by…

Kjell Perder “How Dare You?

John Corigliano “And The People Stayed Home”

Britta Byström “Later the Same Day”

 Steve Dobrogosz “Gracenotes”

Fredrik Sixten “Sarabande”

Fredrik Högberg “Orphan Elephant”


Garden Concerts

Welcome to my Garden Concerts with excellent Artists:

Garden Concerts 2021

with Israeli Lute and Mandolin Master Alon SarielF570F521-9C65-4494-8C41-5F8379937006–Noje/tradgarden-blir-scen-for-sommarkonserter




As Democracy is being challenged in many countries,
I feel very grateful that GEHRMANS is now publishing this CELEBRATION SUITE that I was commissioned to compose for the 20th Anniversary of Democracy in South Africa.
It is dedicated to MIAGI – Music Is A Great Investment Youth Orchestra and was premiered in Soweto in 2013.
My deepest gratitude to all of you who made this possible.
Celebration Suite omslag
As Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, I had the honor of performing a Concert for him in the Stockholm Concert House together with Cyndee Peters, Eric Bibb, Elise Einarsdotter and Svante Henryson. Nelson Mandela came backstage after the Concert to greet the musicians, He shook our hands and said our music was very encouraging. His hand felt warm and rough after many years of hard work in the limestone quarry at the Robben Island prison.
Nelson Mandela’s dream of a multi ethnic Rainbow Nation is mirrored in this Celebration Suite that was commissioned for the 20th Anniversary of Democracy in South Africa. It incorporates musical elements from South African Freedom Songs, Folk music, Jazz and Western classical tradition. The power of music serves as a harmonizing connection between cultures that words alone cannot make.
The young musicians of the MIAGI Youth Orchestra come from all ethnic and economic backgrounds and belong to the born free generation as they have not suffered the oppression of apartheid. To see and hear them play together is deeply moving and inspires hope for a better future where the rainbow of humanity work together peacefully. After three successful tours in South Africa and Europe the orchestra showed their appreciation by giving me a South African name: Jabulani = Happiness.
That name feels like medicine for a melancholy Swede like me.
Anders Paulsson
MIAGI Youth Orchestra in South Africa
Since its inception in 2001, the Non-Profit-Organisation MIAGI – Music Is A Great Investment, offers a wide range of skills and creative arts training opportunities equipping young South Africans to advance their life prospects.
MIAGI established educational centers and programmes, the MIAGI Youth Orchestra and many smaller MIAGI music formations unite young talents through excellence, creative cooperation and innovation across ethnic and social borders embodying the ideals of Nelson Mandela. MIAGI’s patrons are the violinist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov and President Martti Ahtisaari, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Until his passing in 2018, José Antonio Abreu, the founder of El Sistema, was also one of MIAGI’s esteemed patrons. In 2020, a documentary film about MIAGI’s work with the name An Unfinished Symphony was world premiered by The Nobel Prize and National Geographic.


Worldwide CD release today in 93 countries:
– a long distance collaboration between Sweden 🇸🇪  and the Philippines 🇵🇭
inspired by Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations 🇺🇳

Na´ama Bay – Music inspired by Coral Reefs

Na´ama Bay

Music Copyright by Boko Suzuki

Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone

Boko Suzuki – keyboard

Markus Heggestad – video production

Håkan Sjögren – audio consultant

Stellan Särlefalk – audio consultant

AZOTE – underwater photography: Martin Almqvist Stefan Beskow Bent Christensen Jerker Lokrantz Nicklas Wijkmarck Anders Paulsson Coral Guardians Coral Guardians combine music and science to raise awareness about the world’s coral reefs and what is needed to safeguard them for future generations. We work in collaboration with scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and communications experts at Albaeco. Coral reefs are the Rainforests of the sea, covering less than a tenth of a percent of the oceans, it is home to about 25% of all marine species. Worldwide, more than 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food, income and coastal protection. Coral Reefs are also a treasure of potential medicines yet to be discovered and a model for how to build our cities as they recycle everything. Sadly, we have already lost half of the Coral Reefs and with 2 degrees rise in temperature we risk losing 99%. For most people including myself, it is abstract and hard to comprehend why a couple of degrees can be so destructive. It wasn ́t until I learned that the oceans absorb 90% of our excess heat causing the water to be too warm for corals to survive. Surely there have been many variations of temperature in the history of our planet, but now they are happening too fast for the corals to adapt. Coral reefs have been around for hundreds of millions of years and we risk destroying them in a human lifetime. In order to preserve this World Heritage and Natural Wonder for future generations, we must hold our leaders and elected officials accountable and responsible to navigate towards a more sustainable future. If we do not stop the destruction of the Natural World, nothing else matters.


Anders Paulsson

Artistic Director

Coral Guardians

STING´s “Shape of My Heart” like you have never heard it before

Alon Sariel – arch lute

Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone

Fredrik Jonsson – bass

Mastering by Stellan Särlefalk

Video editing by Markus Heggestad

“Shape of my Heart”

music by STING / Gordon Sumner & Dominic Miller

No copyright infringement intended

Alon Sariel & Anders Paulsson plays “Things that I wanted to say” יהודה פוליקר – דברים שרציתי לומר

Yehuda Poliker – Things that I wanted to say יהודה פוליקר – דברים שרציתי לומר a virtual long distance duet between Alon Sariel playing his lute in Israel and Anders Paulsson playing his soprano saxophone in Sweden:

Video editing by Markus Heggestad

Alon Sariel – arch lute Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone Fredrik Jonsson – bass


Lyrics: Things that I wanted to say / Yehuda Poliker

There are things which I wanted to say but I cannot manage to

The words I chose are probably not the best of them all

Deeper than sea are the secrets which I cannot understand

Which I might never ever figure out

Dreams which I dreamed and they are still awaken inside me

Their fragments in my eyes are washed with a tear

And countless tormented nights that I drowned in wine

As lost on my track the track of no good

Not in all the ways that I wanted to go have I went

And in those that I went I must have mistaken not once

Sadness dissolved all joys every happiness I felt As if I asked for something which was already lost

But on all those tracks I’ve never lost our own one

And even if storms came around us I loved you and it was so good much more than good

And then when it was bad I loved you just as much

As Ice Was Melting, Oceans Rose published

Omslag,-eng-300Omslag,--300 (1)

Scandinavia´s leading Music Publisher GEHRMANS have now published my composition based on Per Harlings
poem that is an hommage Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg:
As Ice Was Melting, Oceans Rose
for mixed choir SATB a cappella
När Isar Smälte, Haven Steg
för blandad kör SATB

Version for solo vocals + piano and optional bass

arranged for piano by Kristin Stenerhag