Paulsson´s Aho CD ​receives highest possible score: 10/10/10

Paulsson´s Aho CD receives highest possible score: 10/10/10
“Paulsson as a soloist confidently holds together the slowly increasing drama in a sovereign way.
“In 2014-15 Aho wrote a concerto for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra for Swedish saxophonist Anders Paulsson, who recently played the posthumous premiere of the soprano saxophone version of Anders Eliasson’s Grand Third Symphony. This concerto shines with intense exploration of structurally and atmospherically strong contrasting episodes. It begins with an expressive solo singing accompanied by atmospheric sound in an oriental-like manner, including micro-intervals and glissandi coloring, and then turns into a wild Presto. This is followed by an introspective Largo of ‘Misterioso’ character and a turbulent-bizarre, even polytonal humorous finale, which ends in an epilogue, which draws the bow back to the beginning. Anders Paulsson is as flawless as the Rovaniemi Lapland Chamber Orchestra under its longtime director John Storgårds.”
Christoph Schlüren [28.12.2017] KLASSIK_HEUTE
Kalevi Aho Soprano Saxophone Concerto recording with Lapland Chamber Orchestra conducted by John Storgårds is now available for studio quality download:


Classical CD review:

The Kalevi Aho Concerto for soprano sax, created for – and played here by – Anders Paulsson. This new work combines virtuosity with a more thoughtful, somewhat mellow character. And, as so often with Aho, head isn’t pursued at the expense of heart. Indeed, there’s plenty of the latter in Paulsson’s account of the taxing, yet extraordinarily expressive solo part. Goodness, I haven’t heard such accomplished, sure-footed playing since Branford Marsalis in American Spectrum and Massimo Giacchetti in Between Two Worlds. (Both were Recordings of the Month.)


A great new concerto for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra by Kalevi Aho:

The work is devoted to Anders Paulsson, whose delicate, ECM-style interpretation style has guided the concerto.
Paulsson is loaded with all the necessary intensity and he carries the melodies gloriously.
He also realizes multiplayer features chordically and naturally. It is probably thanks also to Aho, who is always familiar with the solo instruments.
The role of the Chamber Orchestra in the concerto
is to create mysterious shades of watercolors and to engage in dialogue with bright secco solos, and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra does really well.”

-Kare Eskola, Yle Klassinen, October 6, 2017

“The playing is expressive and replete with nuances of dynamics and tone color”
“This is an effective and inspired work that will be a welcome addition to this repertoire”
American Record Guide
“If you enjoy Debussy´s aesthetic, you will fall in love with the music of Kalevi Aho. He works in soft pastels rather than bright primary colors, his orchestration is delicate, his mode of development logical but based on whole-tone scales and chromatics. It´s just plain good, interesting music!”
Art Music Lounge

“Anders Paulsson has developed Soprano Saxophone playing to an unprecedented, sensational top level!”

– Kalevi Aho, Finnish Composer, October 4, 2017

Cher Anders,
J’ai reçu ce matin ton dernier disque. Je viens de l’écouter. Il est magnifique ! L’œuvre me plait beaucoup et j’apprécie à l’extrême ce que tu en fais. Je suis fier de toi ! C’est comme toujours impeccable, et tu entretiens la poésie de cette belle œuvre de la première à la dernière note. Oui ! C’est superbe d’intelligence musicale, de compréhension, de maîtrise de jeu, de beauté de son.
Je suis heureux d’avoir cet enregistrement. Merci de me l’avoir fait connaître. 
Jean-Marie LONDEIX
Legendary French Saxophone Professor
September 13, 2017

New Concerto with Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

I am feeling delighted and proud to announce my first recording with the
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Petter Sundkvist

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Orchestra by Jonathan Sheffer.
Huge gratitude to everybody involved !


Virtuosen Anders Paulsson träffar rätt i Svenska Konserter för Sopransaxofon!

CD-revyn sätter betyg på Anders Paulsson

Söndag 20 januari 2013

I panelen Boel Adler och Sofia Nyblom som tillsammans med programledaren Johan Korssell diskuterade och betygsatte skivor:

Veckans toppnotering blev sopransaxofonkonserter med solisten Anders Paulsson och musik av Rolf Martinsson, Sven-David Sandström och Anders Eliasson. Phono Suecia PSCD 188.

Svenska konserter för sopransaxofon
Musik av Rolf Martinsson, Sven-David Sandström och Anders Eliasson
Anders Paulsson, sopransaxofon
Norrlandsoperans SO, Norrköpings SO, Helsingborgs SO
fem radioapparater

Boel 5, Sofia 5, Johan 5 – Veckans totalfemma!
CD-revyn sätter betyg på Anders Paulsson

GOLDEN HARMONY world premiere

Footage from the world premiere performance of
– the Rolf Martinsson concerto for soprano saxophone and orchestra dedicated to Anders Paulsson.
September 6, 2012, with NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christoph Altstaedt
and recorded on CD by Phono Suecia.
Co-commissioned by DalaSinfoniettan.

Anders Paulsson: Sopransaxofonkonserter

Publicerad 2012-11-21 10:14

Sopransaxofon i harmoniskt uruppförande

Ett verk med stor skönhet och överraskande effekter bjöds i uruppförande under torsdagens konsert på Norrlandsoperan.


Golden Harmony
Dirigent: Christoph Altstaedt Solist: Anders Paulsson, sopransaxofon
Norrlandsoperans Symfoniorkester

Sopransaxofon är en familjens minsta instrument stämd en oktav över den större tenorsaxofonen. Vid gårdagskvällens välbesökta konsert med Norrlandsoperans symfoniorkester och den tyske dirigenten Christoph Altstaedt på pulten var Anders Paulsson solist. Han är förmodligen den första musikern i världen med en solistkarriär på detta i konsertsammanhang relativt sällsynta instrument.

Han har spelat bland annat med Sankt Petersburg Philharmonic, Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester och nu specialskrivet för vår egen i ett uruppförande av Rolf Martinssons (f 1956) konsert Golden Harmony.

Att Anders Paulsson också är jazzmusiker märks i de jazziga passager som förekommer i ett verk med stor skönhet och överraskande effekter.

Han spelade solostämman dessutom utan direkt notstöd vilket imponerar. Styckets första del symboliserar verkligen titeln, då undersköna harmonier och nästan naturlyriska passager fångar lyssnaren och den andra delen i ett hastigare tempo, suggestivt och med en enastående färgpalett!

Bengt Hultman

Rolf Martinsson; Soprano Saxophone Concerto

The contract for Rolf Martinsson’s Soprano Saxophone Concerto, dedicated to Anders Paulsson, has been signed by the two Swedish co-commissioners Norrlandsoperan and Dalasinfoniettan.,

The two premieres are planned to the 2011/2012 season, and a CD recording will be made by the Swedish label Phono Suecia and Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra.

This solo concerto will be Martinsson’s number eight. Previous concertos are written for trumpet, trombone, cello, flute, violin, clarinet and double bass.

As a child, Adolf Sax heard in his mind the sound of an instrument that did not yet exist. His life´s work was to be dedicated to the creation of this new instrument, using ingredients from the clarinet, the oboe, the flute and the trumpet. In 1841 the super hybrid SAXOPHONE was born!

Since the great French classical saxophone tradition with Marcel Mule and his principal students Jean-Marie Londeix & Daniel Deffayet, the alto saxophone has been the most common soloinstrument in the classical saxophone repertoire. While the range of the alto saxophone ressembles the viola, the soprano saxophone corresponds to the violin in terms of soloistic charisma and has even greater potential to carry Adolf Sax vision. This brand new concerto by Rolf Martinsson will be an important contribution to the repertoire for soprano saxophone & orchestra.

ELIASSON soprano saxophone concerto; Swedish Radio P2, October 4th, 3pm

My first performance of Anders ELIASSONs beautiful concerto for soprano saxophone & string orchestra will be broadcast this Saturday october 4th at 3pm on Swedish Radio P2.

The NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Mei-Ann Chen and the composer was present and in good spirits.

I hope You will appreciate this Music. I spent two years working on it daily and still enjoy hearing it!

Anders Paulsson