Concert for Madeleine Albright

Deeply honored to perform for former
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright❤️
It was also nice to chat with her about coral reefs, environmental protection & biosphere stewardhip

IMG_7709~2The fundraising concert hosted by former
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
raised $50.000 for Safe & Sound
who are helping abused children to a better life.

Unforgettable musical experiences with the Golden Gate’s Mens Chorus conducted by Joseph Piazza at the Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco.
The GGMC is ranked the #1 Men’s choir in the United States.


The CD recording with Wayne Osborne’s music was also very heart warming
as it feels like these songs were downloaded from heaven.

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Having lived and worked in the US 1984-1991,
I treasure the joy of being able to continue these musical relationships and to make new ones.

VIP musicians and friends that made this trip
such a beautiful experience include:
Wayne Osborne Greg Price Joey Piazza
Jordan Sunshine Bontrager Gloria Justen
Keith Lawrence Jonathan Dimmock David Conte Odnumde Serrot Fredrik Sixten Victoria Peattie Helm Lewis Patzner Randall Kikukawa
Johan Hugosson Michele Walther Jan Martin Östlund Christopher Robert Helm
and many more…

Music for Ocean clean-up


Background and Brief Description of the Project:
The Liberia Ocean Conference is funded by Sida through the Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia, Liberia and implemented by NIRAS Sweden.
The Swedish embassy in Monrovia is procuring NIRAS to assist in the organization of the regional conference on Ocean in West Africa. It is an assignment to assist the Embassy of Sweden, Government of Liberia represented by the Liberian maritime Authority (LiMA), the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority of Liberia and Conservation International Liberia who are co-hosting the Conference that will be held in March 18-21, 2019 in Monrovia as a follow up to the United Nations Ocean Conference on SDG 14 held in New York in June 2017 and to celebrate the African Union´s “Africa Day of Oceans and Seas – Encouraging Solutions to Marine Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Resource Management”. NIRAS will be supporting design and implementation of the planned conference and will work closely with the conference task force composed of representatives from three Liberian authorities´/-agencies´, Conservation International Liberia and the Embassy of Sweden to create a final theme and a program that fits the priorities of both the Swedish and the Liberian stakeholders.
Overall Goal of the Project:
The purpose of the regional Oceans Conference is to create awareness of ocean related issues and to find solutions that the region can move forward with and that the expected conference result is a resolution with a plan for how Liberia and the region (West Africa) can move forward with SDG 14 and also other SDGs as for example SDG 1 and 5.

The conference has two goals, to follow up the Ocean Conference in New York 2017. The conference should also drive implementation and enable the government and other stakeholders to take responsibility of the ocean outside their coast and achieving SDG 14. The expected conference result is a resolution with a plan for how Liberia and the region can move forward with SDG 14.


Fulbright Alumni Award 2019

The Swedish Fulbright Alumni of the Year 2019: Anders Paulsson
The award, given out by the Swedish Fulbright Alumni Association, honors a distinguished former Fulbright Scholar whose life’s work has served to further the mission of the Fulbright Program. In Senator Fulbright’s words,
“to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.”

Previous prize winners includes top diplomat Hans Blix and Swedish former Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson.

Fulbright Alumni AwardWith Risa Rosenberg WWF, US Ambassador Clifford G. Bond and Silvia Ulloa chairwoman of the Fulbright Alumni Association.

A great honor to be selected as Fulbright Alumni of the year 2019 for my musical international bridge building of reconciliation and biosphere stewardship. My acceptance speech:


French Recital

Live recording at Musikaliska Concert House, Stockholm, August 7, 2018
Anders Paulsson – soprano saxophone
Magnus Svensson – piano
Video production by Markus Heggestad
Page turner: Josefine Mindus
Francis Poulenc Sonata (1962)

Lili Boulanger D´un Matin de Printemps (1918)
Assez animé

Claude Debussy Premiere Rhapsodie opus 116 (1910)
Reveusement lent – Scherzando
César Franck Sonata in A-major (1886)
Allegretto ben moderatoAllegro
Recitativo / FantasiaAllegretto poco mosso

Paulsson´s Aho CD ​receives highest possible score: 10/10/10

Paulsson´s Aho CD receives highest possible score: 10/10/10
“Paulsson as a soloist confidently holds together the slowly increasing drama in a sovereign way.
“In 2014-15 Aho wrote a concerto for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra for Swedish saxophonist Anders Paulsson, who recently played the posthumous premiere of the soprano saxophone version of Anders Eliasson’s Grand Third Symphony. This concerto shines with intense exploration of structurally and atmospherically strong contrasting episodes. It begins with an expressive solo singing accompanied by atmospheric sound in an oriental-like manner, including micro-intervals and glissandi coloring, and then turns into a wild Presto. This is followed by an introspective Largo of ‘Misterioso’ character and a turbulent-bizarre, even polytonal humorous finale, which ends in an epilogue, which draws the bow back to the beginning. Anders Paulsson is as flawless as the Rovaniemi Lapland Chamber Orchestra under its longtime director John Storgårds.”
Christoph Schlüren [28.12.2017] KLASSIK_HEUTE
Kalevi Aho Soprano Saxophone Concerto recording with Lapland Chamber Orchestra conducted by John Storgårds is now available for studio quality download:


Classical CD review:

The Kalevi Aho Concerto for soprano sax, created for – and played here by – Anders Paulsson. This new work combines virtuosity with a more thoughtful, somewhat mellow character. And, as so often with Aho, head isn’t pursued at the expense of heart. Indeed, there’s plenty of the latter in Paulsson’s account of the taxing, yet extraordinarily expressive solo part. Goodness, I haven’t heard such accomplished, sure-footed playing since Branford Marsalis in American Spectrum and Massimo Giacchetti in Between Two Worlds. (Both were Recordings of the Month.)


A great new concerto for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra by Kalevi Aho:

The work is devoted to Anders Paulsson, whose delicate, ECM-style interpretation style has guided the concerto.
Paulsson is loaded with all the necessary intensity and he carries the melodies gloriously.
He also realizes multiplayer features chordically and naturally. It is probably thanks also to Aho, who is always familiar with the solo instruments.
The role of the Chamber Orchestra in the concerto
is to create mysterious shades of watercolors and to engage in dialogue with bright secco solos, and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra does really well.”

-Kare Eskola, Yle Klassinen, October 6, 2017

“The playing is expressive and replete with nuances of dynamics and tone color”
“This is an effective and inspired work that will be a welcome addition to this repertoire”
American Record Guide
“If you enjoy Debussy´s aesthetic, you will fall in love with the music of Kalevi Aho. He works in soft pastels rather than bright primary colors, his orchestration is delicate, his mode of development logical but based on whole-tone scales and chromatics. It´s just plain good, interesting music!”
Art Music Lounge

“Anders Paulsson has developed Soprano Saxophone playing to an unprecedented, sensational top level!”

– Kalevi Aho, Finnish Composer, October 4, 2017

Cher Anders,
J’ai reçu ce matin ton dernier disque. Je viens de l’écouter. Il est magnifique ! L’œuvre me plait beaucoup et j’apprécie à l’extrême ce que tu en fais. Je suis fier de toi ! C’est comme toujours impeccable, et tu entretiens la poésie de cette belle œuvre de la première à la dernière note. Oui ! C’est superbe d’intelligence musicale, de compréhension, de maîtrise de jeu, de beauté de son.
Je suis heureux d’avoir cet enregistrement. Merci de me l’avoir fait connaître. 
Jean-Marie LONDEIX
Legendary French Saxophone Professor
September 13, 2017

Pop Jazz debut recording GUARDIAN ANGEL

Many times in my life I have felt the presence of Guardian Angels that have kept me safe from danger and that have also inspired my creativity. This release is my first collaboration with Grammy Award winning studio wizard Pål Svenre and more is to come.
This is my debut smooth pop jazz recording:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Anders Paulsson – Guardian Angel

Piazzolla Tangos with Swedish Royal Navy Band

Dear Music Lovers!
I am really excited to announce the digital release of these excellent recordings with the Swedish Royal Navy Band conducted by Petter Sundkvist performing Astor Piazzolla tangos with me:



Astor Piazzolla – Libertango

Astor Piazzolla – Milonga for Three

Astor Piazzolla – Adiós Nonino




Recorded and produced by Lars Nilsson NILENTO


CORAL SYMPHONY is now published:

The World Premiere of my Symphonic Tone Poem CORAL SYMPHONY  Kumulipo Reflections with Hawai´i Symphony Orchestra conducted by Grammy award winning JoAnn Falletta in their Masterworks Series in Honolulu on April 1st & 2nd 2017 was a great success that received standing ovations at both performances.–events/general-news/2016-09-08-a-symphony-for-the-coral-reefs.html

The Kumulipo Creation Epic has relevance for inspiring better Biosphere Stewardship globally and resonates with many other Creation legends throughout the World.

The Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections has also gained appreciation and gratitude among Native Hawaiians as a symbol of reconciliation and restitution, as their sacred ecological creation chant Kumulipo is presented and uplifted in soloist position with a prestigious Symphony Orchestra to an entirely new audience.


World class Nature photography courtesy of AZOTE will be projected during the performance.

There will also be supporting scientific community events hosted by
Conservation International, Kewalo Marine Laboratory and University of Hawai´i at Manoa.

Background information:

My intention as a composer is to create music that can inspire audiences to strengthen their commitment to environmental stewardship and also be symbols of understanding and reconciliation between cultures.
When Narissa Spies, a native Hawaiian doctorate student at Kewalo Marine Laboratory introduced me to Hawaiian Oli and the poetic beauty of the Hawaiian Creation Chant Kumulipo, it inspired me to conceive a Tone Poem as a Symphonic reflection. As a devoted environmentalist I love that the Kumulipo illustrates humanity ́s intimate relationship with every living creature and plant as our beloved ancestors and that Hawaiians regard the Coral Polyp as the most basic unit of Life.
In order to proceed in harmony with Hawaiian Culture, I seeked the mentorship of Maestro Aaron Mahi, former conductor of the Royal Hawaiian Band, the Honolulu Symphony and a Cultural Specialist.
This fruitful collaboration evolved so that Aaron Mahi will be performing the Kumulipo Chant Ka Wa Akahi as the Hawai ́i Symphony Orchestra reflects and embraces the Creation Epic from a Westerners perspective.
Sacred Hawaiian Pahu drums made of sharkskin sets a ceremonial rhythm that evokes the spirits of ancient Hawai ́i as the evolution of species grows exponentially into a mighty Celebration of Life.
The Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections is mirroring the architecture of the first Creation Chant: Prologue to the Night World, first Kane & Wahine, Coral Fugue,
Procession of Invertebrates, Ritornell of Guardians, God of Abundance.
My deepest gratitude to Maestro Aaron Mahi and Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra for their goodwill towards the creation and premiere of Kumulipo Reflections and to the Swedish Anders Wall Foundation, Stockholm Resilience
Center and Alba Eco who are supporting this collaboration as they see Music, not just as a pleasant luxury for the ears, but as an integral part of the process of communicating Science and environmental awareness.
Mahalo nui loa,
Anders Paulsson
Artistic Director
kaHaloa o ke ‘a ko’a ko’a

=The long breath of the Coral * Parent to care for the Reef
First impressions:
What I have thus heard and seen in the score, I can totally comprehend the leading source of your heart and spirit as the guidance of the aumakua leads you. It is indeed communicating the pauku/verses of the message of the Kumulipo, yes, E hoomau/continue please. Na Akua, na aumakua, na kini Akua are near us both here and in and around you, papahanaumokunuiakea will rejoice with harmony in concert with all of the other reefs or apapa throughout ka papahanaumoku joined together being connected by ke Kaimoana a kanaloa. Me ke aloha my brother. Ke kuaana, Aaron Mahi
Wow, what an amazing journey! I’m so pleased that I was able to meet you, and that you were able to learn about my culture. I’m so excited to be able to be part involved in this process. The little bit of your mele that I was able to hear in the video made my na’au so happy! I’m really looking forward to hearing the final product! I feel nothing but positive vibes from this! I think our kupuna are very proud of this and I can’t wait to share it with my native Hawaiian mentors. Mahalo for taking the time to really learn about our culture, and mahalo for integrating those oli into your daily life! Me Ka ha‘aha‘a, Narissa Spies