Knowledge is the beginning!

Today was a great healing experience with Daniel Barenboim & the Western Eastern Divan Orchestra.
It started by viewing a very inspiring, courageous film about the creation of the orchestra and their concert in Ramallah in spite of hate-infected conflict and generations of mistrust. ..knowledge is the beginning

This was followed by a panel discussion with Daniel Barenboim, the wife of the late Edward Said, the concert master of the Berlin Philharmonic and musicians from Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iran & Egypt.
I was impressed by the highly intelligent, cut the crap & philosophical views expressed especially from Daniel.
“The need to create a mental space beyond prejudice, politics and military”
“The impossible is easier than the difficult”
“The SELF ESTEEM these young musicians nourished from the process
of meeting the “enemy” and realizing their unifying humanity” etc
My quotes may not be exact word by word, but I was deeply moved.

Having time to spare before the evening concert I decided to continue the Middle Eastern mood by seeing the excellent movie
Lemon Tree:

The concert was also a powerful experience and the Young musicians played beautifully.

Since I was I child and my parents divorced, the theme of my life has been building bridges.
I therefore treasure friends like You!