Alon Sariel & Anders Paulsson plays “Things that I wanted to say” יהודה פוליקר – דברים שרציתי לומר

Yehuda Poliker – Things that I wanted to say יהודה פוליקר – דברים שרציתי לומר a virtual long distance duet between Alon Sariel playing his lute in Israel and Anders Paulsson playing his soprano saxophone in Sweden:

Video editing by Markus Heggestad


Lyrics: Things that I wanted to say / Yehuda Poliker

There are things which I wanted to say but I cannot manage to

The words I chose are probably not the best of them all

Deeper than sea are the secrets which I cannot understand

Which I might never ever figure out

Dreams which I dreamed and they are still awaken inside me

Their fragments in my eyes are washed with a tear

And countless tormented nights that I drowned in wine

As lost on my track the track of no good

Not in all the ways that I wanted to go have I went

And in those that I went I must have mistaken not once

Sadness dissolved all joys every happiness I felt As if I asked for something which was already lost

But on all those tracks I’ve never lost our own one

And even if storms came around us I loved you and it was so good much more than good

And then when it was bad I loved you just as much

As Ice Was Melting, Oceans Rose published

Omslag,-eng-300Omslag,--300 (1)

Scandinavia´s leading Music Publisher GEHRMANS have now published my composition based on Per Harlings
poem that is an hommage Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg:
As Ice Was Melting, Oceans Rose
for mixed choir SATB a cappella
När Isar Smälte, Haven Steg
för blandad kör SATB

Version for solo vocals + piano and optional bass

arranged for piano by Kristin Stenerhag


Coral Reef presentation @US EMBASSY

Honored to speak about Coral Reefs with Ambassador of the United States of America Kenneth A. Howery
at a reception for
Fulbright and International Visitor Leadership Program alumni at the US Embassy in Stockholm.
with Professor Åsa Wikforss,
Member of the Swedish Academy
Ms. Anna König – Jerlmyr,
Mayor of Stockholm

IVLP 02-20-20 059 copy

Playing for Coral reef awareness at the US Embassy in StockholmIVLP 02-20-20 050 copy


Fellow Fulbrighters,

International Visitors Leadership Program Alumni,

Ambassador Kenneth Howery,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel very grateful and honored to be among you as there is an extraordinary amount of goodwill, talent and intelligence in this room.

My FULBRIGHT experience in the US strengthened my understanding of the benefits, beauty and importance of international bridge building and reconciliation.

As a musician I have experienced this kind of bridge building where music is a

platform where people from all walks of life can meet and affirm our common humanity regardless of our differences of opinion.

Music can also be a positive social force for promoting democracy and conservation.

As artistic director of Coral Guardians in collaboration with scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and communications experts at Albaeco, we combine music and science to raise awareness about the world’s coral reefs and what is needed to safeguard them for future generations.

Coral reefs are the Rainforests of the sea, covering less than a tenth of a percent of the oceans it is home to about 25% of all marine species.

It is an astounding concentration of biodiversity.

Worldwide, more than 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food, income and coastal protection.

Coral Reefs are also a treasure of potential medicines yet to be discovered

and a model for how to build our cities as they recycle everything.

Sadly, we have already lost half of the Coral Reefs and with 2 degrees rise in temperature we risk losing 99%.

For most people including myself, it is abstract and hard to comprehend why a couple of degrees can be so destructive.

It wasn ́t until I learned that the oceans absorb 90% of our excess heat causing the water to be too warm for corals to survive.

Surely there have been many variations of temperature in the history of our planet, but now they are happening too fast for the corals to adapt.

Coral reefs have been around for hundreds of millions of years and we risk destroying them in a human lifetime.

In order to celebrate what we still have, I and many others have pursued

underwater photography of coral reefs. So let´s have a look.

I wrote this music inspired by a Marine Sanctuary in the Philippines where

20 years ago I was a volunteer diver counting corals.

This marine sanctuary is now an educational center for schoolchildren

and it has been awarded as best managed reef in the Philippines.

The music is conceived as a solemn procession of endangered species.

It is called Danjugan Sanctuary.


In order to preserve and protect this Life supporting Ecosystem and World Heritage for future generations,

we must hold our elected leaders accountable and responsible to navigate towards a more sustainable future.

If we do not stop the destruction of the Natural World, nothing else matters.


CD Release: Anders Paulsson & Jonathan Dimmock In Concert

Dear Music lovers,

I am thrilled to announce the release of a new album with beautiful music for soprano saxophone and organ together with the American organist Jonathan Dimmock from a concert in Sofia Church in Stockholm on August 15, 2019.

CD cover Paulsson & Dimmock

The repertoire consist of a World Premiere of a new piece dedicated to us by American composer Judith Cloud: What Would Nina Simone Say?

It also includes a superb arrangement for us of Soliloquy by American composer David Conte.

For this occasion I also composed Hymn for Peace and Lilies of Peace.

The program also includes a serene version of Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt and the Spiritual  Amazing Grace arranged by the late American organist Harry Huff with whom I started my career 1987 in New York City.

The CD booklet offers additional information: Paulsson & Dimmock CD booklet

The recording has a magnificent sound thanks to:

Jörgen Thuresson Microphones CM-402

Håkan Sjögren: SonoConsult, Sound Engineer

Thomas Eberger: Stockholm Mastering


Thanks for listening!


CD release: Smooth Talk with Dave Koz

Live broadcast from Sirius XM Radio
Dave Koz Lounge in Los Angeles:

Getting excited about my July 1st CD release of Smooth Talk.
A feelgood duet with star saxophonist
Dave Koz 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

CD cover Smooth Talk fixed

produced by Pål Svenre

Smooth Talk – CD booklet

Concert for Madeleine Albright

Deeply honored to perform for former
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright❤️
It was also nice to chat with her about coral reefs, environmental protection & biosphere stewardhip

IMG_7709~2The fundraising concert hosted by former
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
raised $50.000 for Safe & Sound
who are helping abused children to a better life.

Unforgettable musical experiences with the Golden Gate’s Mens Chorus conducted by Joseph Piazza at the Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco.
The GGMC is ranked the #1 Men’s choir in the United States.


The CD recording with Wayne Osborne’s music was also very heart warming
as it feels like these songs were downloaded from heaven.

61112294_2301293336625649_4037628356160651264_n 60639729_2301293229958993_6450977970206015488_n 61234545_2301294166625566_2775428035841622016_n

Having lived and worked in the US 1984-1991,
I treasure the joy of being able to continue these musical relationships and to make new ones.

VIP musicians and friends that made this trip
such a beautiful experience include:
Wayne Osborne Greg Price Joey Piazza
Jordan Sunshine Bontrager Gloria Justen
Keith Lawrence Jonathan Dimmock David Conte Odnumde Serrot Fredrik Sixten Victoria Peattie Helm Lewis Patzner Randall Kikukawa
Johan Hugosson Michele Walther Jan Martin Östlund Christopher Robert Helm
and many more…

Music for Ocean clean-up


Background and Brief Description of the Project:
The Liberia Ocean Conference is funded by Sida through the Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia, Liberia and implemented by NIRAS Sweden.
The Swedish embassy in Monrovia is procuring NIRAS to assist in the organization of the regional conference on Ocean in West Africa. It is an assignment to assist the Embassy of Sweden, Government of Liberia represented by the Liberian maritime Authority (LiMA), the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority of Liberia and Conservation International Liberia who are co-hosting the Conference that will be held in March 18-21, 2019 in Monrovia as a follow up to the United Nations Ocean Conference on SDG 14 held in New York in June 2017 and to celebrate the African Union´s “Africa Day of Oceans and Seas – Encouraging Solutions to Marine Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Resource Management”. NIRAS will be supporting design and implementation of the planned conference and will work closely with the conference task force composed of representatives from three Liberian authorities´/-agencies´, Conservation International Liberia and the Embassy of Sweden to create a final theme and a program that fits the priorities of both the Swedish and the Liberian stakeholders.
Overall Goal of the Project:
The purpose of the regional Oceans Conference is to create awareness of ocean related issues and to find solutions that the region can move forward with and that the expected conference result is a resolution with a plan for how Liberia and the region (West Africa) can move forward with SDG 14 and also other SDGs as for example SDG 1 and 5.

The conference has two goals, to follow up the Ocean Conference in New York 2017. The conference should also drive implementation and enable the government and other stakeholders to take responsibility of the ocean outside their coast and achieving SDG 14. The expected conference result is a resolution with a plan for how Liberia and the region can move forward with SDG 14.