Rolf Martinsson; Soprano Saxophone Concerto

The contract for Rolf Martinsson’s Soprano Saxophone Concerto, dedicated to Anders Paulsson, has been signed by the two Swedish co-commissioners Norrlandsoperan and Dalasinfoniettan.,

The two premieres are planned to the 2011/2012 season, and a CD recording will be made by the Swedish label Phono Suecia and Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra.

This solo concerto will be Martinsson’s number eight. Previous concertos are written for trumpet, trombone, cello, flute, violin, clarinet and double bass.

As a child, Adolf Sax heard in his mind the sound of an instrument that did not yet exist. His life´s work was to be dedicated to the creation of this new instrument, using ingredients from the clarinet, the oboe, the flute and the trumpet. In 1841 the super hybrid SAXOPHONE was born!

Since the great French classical saxophone tradition with Marcel Mule and his principal students Jean-Marie Londeix & Daniel Deffayet, the alto saxophone has been the most common soloinstrument in the classical saxophone repertoire. While the range of the alto saxophone ressembles the viola, the soprano saxophone corresponds to the violin in terms of soloistic charisma and has even greater potential to carry Adolf Sax vision. This brand new concerto by Rolf Martinsson will be an important contribution to the repertoire for soprano saxophone & orchestra.